Torri Mamo


This fortified family home was built in 1657 in the form of a ST. Andrew’s cross
– an unusual shape with no less than sixteen faces. Torri Mama was built
at the start of the Grand Master De Redin’s reign at the time of increased
awareness of Malta’s vulnerability to seaward attack. The tower is surrounded
by a dry ditch and it’s central hall is bomb proof (a prova bomba),
a relatively well protected position.

Torri Mamo has an unfinished upper floor, making it more of a redoubt than a lookout tower.
Lack of musketry loopholes and other defensive features rendered it vulnerable against a
determined attacker, but its size and structure provided a useful relying point in an
emergency arising from Turkish incursions into St. Thomas’ Bay.

The construction was entrusted to Gregorio Mamo, but it may have been completed by his son Giorgio.
From the roof of this tower one could communicate with two other towers both privately
erected and owned, situated on the plain leading to Marsascala. One is that of the Ta’ Gomu.
The other, known as tas-Silg, has a fine drawbridge.
The Mamo family was also responsible for building the near-by Chapel of San Gaetan.

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